It's Easy to Install and Use Shopicam!


Installing Shopicam in a Shopify store is super simple:
1.Open the Shopify app store.
2.Search for Shopicam
3.Install the app and that is it!

Google Tag Manager

1. Open your Google Tag Manager account connected to your website.
2. Go to tags and click "New"
3. Name your tag
4. For tag type: Choose Custom HTML
5. Copy and paste our script tag. You can find it in our app
6. For the trigger: Choose “All Pages”
7. Submit your changes


Adding Shopicam to your site is super easy! 
If you are on Shopify you can add our app to your store. Otherwise it is as simple as adding two lines of code.


Your Ecommerce Platform

Shopicam works with all major ecommerce platforms! Our deployment specialists are happy to walk you through installing Shopicam on your store.

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