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Step 1

Record a video

Upload content or record a video right in Shopicam!

Then choose how the video displays either as a pop up, inline, or chat bubble.

Then set the display trigger.


Make it Interactive

Add links to add the product to cart, join your mailing list, contact you or anything at any point in the video you want!

Step 3


Adding Shopicam to your site is super easy! 
If you are on Shopify you can add our app to your store. Otherwise it is as simple as adding two lines of code.


Track it

The Shopicam analytics tool allows you to see the number of times your video has been displayed. Device type, and even track conversions!

Social Proof

Repurpose influencer content on product pages.
Show your product in one of your customers homes. Anything that shows people using your product sells your product.

Show off Your Product

Show every detail of your product. Explain the uses. Do a full on product demo. The more people know the more they are comfortable buying.


Share your testimonials with your customers.
Shopicam is a great way to show social proof that your products are market leading. People trust video reviews 10-1 over written ones.


consumers want to watch a video before they buy

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